Welcome to The Way of the Heart

"I never saw that coming!" is a confession of a person who is disconnected from their heart.  Our heart knows what is going on all around us and will warn and prepare us for it - if we can hear it.


An ancient wise man once said:


"Guard your heart, for out of it come the issues of life."


We talk about our heart and hear songs about it all the time.  We say things like: "Let's have a heart to heart talk", "We need to get to the heart of the matter", and we hear songs like "I left my heart in San Fanscisco".  Yet, is seems that few of us know how to access or heart, let alone how to guard it.


We have all been influenced by our families, education system, business and religious institutions training us that our intellect is much more important than our heart. We have been misled and as a result, we continue to search for meaning and value from the wrong source. Our intellect functions through formulas and definitions. To the degree we master those two things we are rewarded with good grades and better jobs. However, it is the heart that gives meaning. Without meaning, life is tedious and boring. Our intellect says we just need the correct formula, and we will loose weight, be successfull, find the right partner, etc.  The multi-billion dollar self-help industry has produced a very small percentage of success stories because the function of the heart was not part of their efforts.  


Consider these four questions about the heart:


Where is my spiritual heart?

What is my spiritual heart?

How do I access it?

What language does it speak?


Surprisingly I find most of us have difficulty with these questions. It seems the volume of talk about the heart, brings little understanding of how to experience our heart so how can we protect what we don't know.


We were created with both intellect and heart; originally designed to work together. To the degree we have abandoned our heart we experience loneliness, futility or meaninglessness in our life. We want more fulfillment, but it seems illusive.


Is it time for you to discover and welcome your heart back into it's place as our creator imagined for you?

As you approach the journey to your heart...

You can try and figure out how to make room for your heart (I recommend some materials in the resourses link) OR you can invite me to walk with you through the steps and discover what a beautiful heart you have.  I'll introduce you to what it is, where it is, how to connect with it and I'll help you learn the language of the heart.


You'll be amazed how acurately your heart operates, you'll want everyone to know what you're discovering!  Living from the heart changes you from the inside out.