Coaching with Jack Hill

What would it be like for you to be gently led to the proverbial "green pastures" where your life becomes meaningful again. With so much hype and false promises in advertising media today, many of us are giving up even trying.


I'm on the journey myself and I am available to assist you in the discovery of your heart.  On the way we will find the places where your heart was derailed, dress the wounds that sent you running from your heart and that may still emit pain.  As those heal you will expereince a new quietness in your mind, a gentle satisfaction and life will take on new meaning - you'll be living from your heart!


While there are many mentors/Coach’s available today, I’m glad you found me.  I come recommended by me as well as others (See my testimonials).  The reason I recommend myself is because I know the freedom of living from my heart and I continue to learn more every day. I have charted a course that began with me deeply entrenched in my intellect.  I had no room for my heart, and I didn’t trust it.  My intellect was well established and I could comprehend and even document every decision it made. I lived under the illusion that I was in control of my life.


Looking back from this vantage point, I’m deeply embarrassed by the foolishness and arrogance that underlined my life.  My heart was very active and often expressed itself, just before I overruled it with my strong intellect.


Since learning to access my heart at will, I'm walking a peaceful and living path.  Each day I am finding that I am not afraid to recognize what my heart is saying, and I'm seeing life with new eyes, with a lot less stress - more joy!  The best reward is my new heart connections with others at a level that defines what I've always longed for - "heart to heart". This is where the real juice is - when the heart is given room, every day is alive with wonder.


Are you ready to begin your own journey with me?  The welcome mat is waiting for you!






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