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"I had no idea how easy it is to really connect with my heart and learn how to lean toward it more." - H Jill


"Jack is a man's man! No BS, guessing games or “Hi, I'm fine!” He speaks from a position of the heart and mind wisdom. The heart aspect I speak of is that in becoming aware of my abusive upbringing he was quick to understand the kind of problems I struggled with but did not allow me to sink into the self-pity mold, but rather challenged me to put things before The Lord.  To be more specific there was a difficult time I was having with God wanting to break my will, which coming out of an abuse situation was a very difficult concept for me. Jack offered the concept of God wanting to mold or train my will to act differently.

In terms of Jack's wisdom - when he discovers that a thought he has held and taught proves to be incorrect he is quick to set the record right, rather then be arrogant and incapable to admit he might be wrong.  I am honored to call him friend." - Paul S



"Jack's listening ear, compassionate heart, and understanding manner gives him a balanced approach when speaking into the lives of individuals looking for change in their lives."- N Grisham

"Jack Hill wanted me to be all that God wants me to be. In my work, in my relationship with others, in my marriage! I had the answers, I just didn't know that I did! He is an encourager, loyal to his calling, and most of all a great mentor!" - Les P

"My belief system was challenged in a positive way. I have a lot to digest for reflection. Thanks for being refreshing, resourceful and bold in confronting our logical framework in thinking. It's a blessing to me. But most of all I appreciate your humility and being real – in challenging us you put yourself in a vulnerable position which I can learn a lot from. Thanks."

"Very challenging, intelligent, clear, real, encouraging, helpful. Thankyou!"

"Your teaching affirmed a lot that I've been learning and wrestling with inside. You put a lot of my thoughts into words and phrases that stated in truth what I was feeling about being in the presence of God and the pure intimacy of it."


"Thank you for so honestly and diligently seeking the truth and challenging us to think about and examine our belief systems."