Why Would I Hire A Life Coach?


First you don’t have to have a Life Coach.  You can spend enormous time researching, reading, learning and re-learning and eventually come up with the changes you want IF you embrace them and make them part of your life, assuming you discovered the correct information.


Or you can find a Coach who has already done the research, the reading and experienced the changes that you desire and pay him/her for the time, energy and finances they invested. That's called a short cut.


Your job, before hiring a Life Coach, is to find out if they are living what they are saying and understand what you want.  You will know them by there fruit – in other words, if you want to become more at ease and peaceful, look for a Coach that lives at ease and is at peace themselves.  Ask the Coach questions about how they would proceed to accompany you along your chosen path.


Also ask for references of people who know them.